healing awareness


Healing Awareness is a simple yet effective method, developed by me and based on quantum physics and the oneness principle. I believe that we are already whole. So nothing needs to be fixed, changed or healed, because no mistakes have been made in our authentic 'design'. From this awareness of wholeness, we may be able to more easily accept what we feel when something happens that we don't like, and then consciously experience these emotions in order to remember that we are already whole.
Being aware means doing this without judging yourself and learning to trust the self-healing ability of your body. If you surrender to what presents itself in your life and what you feel about it, you will start to be surprised at what changes automatically in yourself, your environment, in the world and beyond. Then you will experience quantum physics and oneness ...
If you want to start living this way, then you will return to your authentic state, the wholeness you already are.
There is a paper book about Healing Awareness available, which was published late in 2021, and also an ebook.
With kind regards,

Marlon Brammer